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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Loot boxes: GET YOURS TODAY!

humanistic ----------------------------------------------- mechanistic
group - population


'Liminality' - a journey -
into gambling?

Immersive Worlds
Part-work encyclopaedias
Model part-work products
(so many plastic things)

Antique collectables -
Football cards
Stamps, Coins ...

Overall cost
Oversight: parental
Policy - Government

There are no loot boxes in Hodges' model, but then again,

you could say there are four.

The loot boxes in Hodges' model are not free,

the cost is time.

For many that is already a major expenditure and at the expense of relationships, friendships and studies.

Like many games there is a challenge in Hodges' model.

By all means please do explore the knowledge (care) domains of Hodges' model.

You are then invited to reflect, weigh, balance ... and find the real loot boxes you seek.

Your mission [ if you choose to accept it ;-) ] is to learn from each of the boxes about the situation you find yourself in and fuse these new insights into one.

WHO: Gaming disorder

Note to self:
#h2cm has an addictive - memetic quality (but is not a 'memetic hazard')
As a tool it is not the only one, but is a key resource for reflection, critique and problem solving.