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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Quotidian Care

Hodges' model #h2cm -
Is this your 'daily' paper?
Is care integrated on a daily basis
(or any other basis)?

humanistic ----------------------------------------------- mechanistic
group - population
Quotidian: fancy word for daily, ordinary
Quotidian: is this 'ordinary' care truly personalised then according to the person's choices?
BEING - dressed & washed, content
Don't get lost in a preoccupation with tasks and what 'quotidian' means here.
A smile a day*
My name: my day, my night

Quotidian IS night & day
Basic Nursing Care
Hygiene, Skin, Activity, Mobility
BEING: Getting Dressed & Washed, content
Quotidian Malaria: paroxysms occur daily
being ALIVE..
The Handover
That apple* - balanced diet ...

 Basic Social - Personal - Care 
Social Visits, Relationships
Quotidian: OR "Not seen you in Ages!"
Social Activities, community
The Daily, Weekly Routine
Our time :together - our day, our night

Quotidian: (Reports?) By the Book
Work policy
Health and Safety
Are you/we overworked today?
Was there NO work today: ZERO hours?
The (Comprehensive) Record

*It's the attitude and effort that counts and knowing you're not alone.