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Friday, October 13, 2006

Hodges' model - it's all pants really!

It's no use - I have a confession to make.

After all these years of trying to publicise Hodges’ model, in practice, on paper, through the website. I’ve realised it really is a load of pants. Absolutely, definitely, no counter argument it is:

Utter pants.

Let me explain….

On the site you will find Brian’s notes and various additions that state what h2cm is, including a conceptual framework, holistic model, cognitive space and so on…

Beyond this though what is Hodges' model trying to say? Cruising down the centre of a one-way street if it were a street sign what would it stand for? There is this word ‘essence’ and in philosophy like many words it metamorphoses and starts to play trick or treat. So what is the essence of h2cm?

Whether you loosen your belt or tighten it at this point is of course entirely up to you, but here is my two cents worth.

Firstly, h2cm signifies the debate about parts and wholes.

Secondly, it represents pants – well ok - pantology to be specific.

Here's a definition:

n. 1.
A systematic view of all branches of human knowledge; a work of universal information.

Is there another beyond - beyond the beyond? Because the corpus of knowledge is so extensive and growing by the second if measured by published media could it be that h2cm provides a space where several pantologies can exist and co-exist? This must be the case because if pantologists exist then they must produce pantologies? What do you think? Is that what the internet is, or will become - a conglomeration of integrated pantologies?

So you see Hodges' model really is pants. Would you like to be a pantologist? Living in the 21st century and being a life-long learner by default it looks like there is no choice….

Meanwhile if you happen to live in a galaxy far, far away....

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