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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hodges Model References Bundle

I've finally put the primary references in a bundle [Oct 2006] and used ccPublisher to publish the document on the Internet Archive. I missed a few details off the JAN reference (Volume, Issue) which are included below. It would be great to see this list grow through your contributions....

As the first podcast script is also complete I've no excuse to delay much longer. I am leaving for Bath this evening a workshop, so will tackle this next weekend... Bye for now. PJ

Primary references as of October 2006 (if you know of others please get in touch):

Adams, T. (1987) Dementia is a family affair. Community Outlook, Feb, 7-8.

Hinchcliffe, S.M. (et al.) (1989) Nursing Practice and Health Care, 1st Edition only, London, Edward Arnold.

Jones, P. (2004) Viewpoint: Can informatics and holistic multidisciplinary care be harmonised? British Journal of Healthcare Computing & Information Management, 21, 6, 17-18.

Jones, P. (2004) The Four Care Domains: Situations Worthy of Research, Conference: Building & Bridging Community Networks: Knowledge, Innovation & Diversity through Communication, Brighton, UK. March 2004.
[http://www.comminit.com/healthecomm/planning.php?showdetails=318] Accessed: Oct 07 2006.
(If you visit the above link you can download this position paper - look at the bottom of the page.)

All the above are about the model – Hinchliffe is one chapter by Brian Hodges.

Hughes, E. (1958) Men and their work. New York: Free Press.

Hughes is used by Brian Hodges to define health career the idea of life chances.
You can also of course reference webpages:

Jones, P. (1998-2006). Hodges' Health Career Care Domains Model, [http://www.p-jones.demon.co.uk] Accessed: Oct 07 2006.
Jones, P. (2000) Hodges' Health Career Care Domains Model, Structural Assumptions;
[http://www.p-jones.demon.co.uk/theory.html] Accessed: Oct 07 2006.
Jones, P. (2000) Hodges' Health Career Care Domains Model, Theoretical Assumptions;
[http://www.p-jones.demon.co.uk/struct.html] Accessed: Oct 07 2006.

The Journal of Advanced Nursing paper below is prior to the website, but hints at the way I have since stressed the role of information within Hodges model as the unifying concept.

Jones, P. (1996) Humans, Information, and Science, Journal of Advanced Nursing, Vol. 24,3, September, 591-598.

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