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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Student Query: Paediatric Burns Unit - Change from Hodges to Casey's Model

Rachael Baron contacted me from Salford University about her assignment on:

Change management relating to a problem identified in practise.

Mine is about changing from Hodges' model to Casey's in a paediatric burns setting (one of the reasons being that there is little evidence supporting Hodges) to achieve family centred care and better partnership with parents. Before my placement on the burns unit I had never come across Hodges' model so it has been interesting reading about it.
In response I acknowledged Rachael's observation about the evidence base and provided the reference bundle.

I also explained how Hodges can co-exist with another model (although the proof is in the testing). Brian Hodges has never been prescriptive in terms of a particular approach to how care is delivered, the model is higher level - an aide memoire. Noting Rachael's objective I wonder if Hodges' model could provide a test of the extent and quality of parent-guardian/care professional partnerships?

In addition Rachael informed me that they use the Health Career Model on the Burns Unit at Booth Hall Children's Hospital. I must follow this up and think Rachael was happy with the reply...
Once again, many thanks for your rapid response and suggestions for reading - it was a huge help!!
Cheers Rachael and best of luck with 6 months of your course remaining!

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