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Monday, October 23, 2006

Ideas Factory: Research Theory and Practice - Bridging the Divide

As mentioned last week, I was in Bath from 16-20 October and when in Bath like the Romans I managed to visit the (new) spa complex. The hot pool and steam room were a really welcome free-time treat and at £9.50 - because the rooftop pool was closed - lead the way or should that be "beam us up Scotty!"

Steam Room Thermal Spa @ Bath, UKAfter three days getting to know 26 new colleagues and wrestling with health care issues and the creation of worthy and novel research projects it was definitely time for a break.

The Ideas Factory Taking care to the patient: new thinking in mobile healthcare delivery was very hard work, intensive, challenging and exciting all at the same time. It was marvellous to take part, to share and work together.

At the end there were clearly some sound and winning research proposals: - seedlings - if you like. Those that did not get through were still winners, but as mere 'seeds' they had not yet germinated. All they need is more work and an appropriate funding stream.

I really do hope to stay in touch with people, the range of backgrounds, expertise and experience was startling. Thanks to the organisers, after the first day we all more or less knew each other recognising faces and names. A great way to cross the divide.

And there was I ... thinking it's just a website and blog that has you working into the early hours ...

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