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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Study on Student's Interest in Nursing (Grades 6th-12th)

The effects of demographic change over the next few decades are a regular topic of debate in the developed nations. The comparison of the workforce with those retired means that the health and social care sector face an increasingly competitive arena to find the staff with the 'right stuff'. Before that point though students need to be interested in health related disciplines. How well do we understand this...?

Asst. Prof. Shannon Frodge [Maysville Community & Technical College, KY] contacted me about using an image of Hodges' Career Model (HCM) in her project:

My study will be to survey 60 children in each grade from grades 6th-12th and students that are currently enrolled in our ADN nursing program. It touches on the four major quadrants of the HCM. I’d like to know what kids think about nursing, and how I can recruit them to our program, and if not our program, a nursing program somewhere else.

No problem Shannon and happy to assist. [Thanks for your OK to post this.] I look forward to hearing more and the possibility that you yourself may share details here as your study progresses. I wonder if anything affects whether students will enroll in traditional nursing programs or online nursing programs. One other thought don't forget the 'fifth' domain - the spiritual - Hodges' four in combination.

Shannon's query is also a useful prompt for me to check and update the quality of some of the images on the site and bundle the existing references.

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