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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Podcast hosting options - promising

Over the past few days I've checked out podcast hosting possibilities. I knew there were hosting services out there - otherwise I wouldn't have picked up the mic. Two options stand out:


and -

liberated syndication

- which costs from $5 per month, with 100mb of storage per month with unmetered bandwidth usage. This level of service is recommended for once-a-week podcasters.

It looks promising! Liberated syndication is very slick, with room to grow, CcPublisher is free and combines Creative Commons and Archive.org.

Creative Commons and CcPublisher allow you to address the licensing of your podcast, attach tags (metadata) and upload your files to Archive.org, which plays host.

I think the spirit of Hodges' model and my personal finances will win out. Looking at the time taken with this first podcast, I don't think I'll get to one a month, let alone once-a-week.

I've joined Yahoo! podcasters group to check what's buzzin and make a final decision...

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