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Friday, October 06, 2006

Kandinsky, Bento Boxes and the Art of Hodges' Model

Last month I had an opportunity to visit Tate Modern in London, the meeting that took me South finished at 4pm and TM was 10 minutes away a colleague told me - "you must go!" (Thanks Dee - you were spot on!)

http://www-theorie.physik.unizh.ch/research_groups/particle/phenclub.htmlIt proved quite an experience walking around TM both from an artistic and mental health perspective. Both challenging 'relaxation' and work: a study day. When you are faced with Dali's Metamorphosis of Narcissus, Bacon, Magritte, Tanguy and others what can you expect? Like you I've seen images of these pictures for years, but seeing the real thing was disorientating, a thing to fall into.

I didn't have time to explore Kandinsky a paid exhibition, wish I had planned a little more - but I really was there for work and this was a bonus. The TM shop(s) were packed with Kandinsky books, postcards and posters.

I've tried to find some guidelines on the question of copyright and posting the Dali and Kandinsky images above. If any one can direct me to anything. I hope as presented this is classed as 'fair use'?

So what effect did this cultural exposure have on me? Well - on the train between London Euston and Wigan (the St Ives of the North) another podcast started to take shape, also fueled in part by the Serres-Hodges paper. How it will be received is another matter.

Source: http://www.productofneglect.com/bentobox.htmlA few days later I came across Bento Boxes: - weird. Are these associations - connections a sign that I'm just walking through a Forest with a leaf in my hand? Or should that be a Forest of giant leaves and I have a tree in my hand. I'm really lost now, "Frodo!" - anyone ...

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