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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Community & Future: 2nd Workshop Conceptual Spaces at Work

There is a blog for the Conceptual Spaces community:

This includes an introduction describing synergies, videocasts when available, upcoming events, a bibliography, background to CS and links to sources. You can also subscribe to a mail list.

Yesterday, the close included the almost obligatory reflection on the future.

There are tentative plans for related meetings (Paris, Berlin, Palermo) and while 4 years is a long time, I can see what is meant by giving time for people to develop work. That point is not lost on me. What also stands out is the theoretical emphasis to date within CS, so there is a need to open the work to a wider audience and practical applications. In the media there's a lot about 'public interest technology' and 'public interest law'. For example, as well as commercial enterprises, Drupal is playing a key part in leveraging the public interest through its work with not for profit organisations.

There is an ongoing call for papers for the next 8 months, obviously for the speakers and for those attending. Do contact people through the email leads at CS360 if interested.

CS is one possible tool I might use at some point, perhaps it also has relevance for you?

For me, presently it's departures gate F62!

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