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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

c/o Mauri Kaipainen - Conceptual Spaces @ Work 2016 over

Dear CS @W 2016 contributor or participant,

This message was sent to all who registered to the conference.

The second conference on Conceptual Spaces @ Work took place at Södertörn University, Stockholm on Aug 25-27, preceded by the co-located CS360 workshop on the 24th. The international event with physically present or virtual participants from all over Europe, Australia and the US was a great intellectual success. A number of applications and theoretical developments of the theory of conceptual spaces was presented, followed by lively and multi-faceted discussions that will no doubt cross-fertilise further intellectual offsprings. It is beyond the reasonable to exhaust the entire repertoire presented, several talks discussed various forms of reasoning in terms of CS. A few related CS to theory and history of science. Some other took even up fundamental epistemological questions of the paradigm.

In the panel discussion, a number of potential ways were identified in which CS might contribute to - if not solving - perhaps easing current hard problems of the world that often boil down to different or incommensurable conceptual spaces. The practical topic of the organization of the CS community was also discussed. Strong support was given to the idea of the community evolving as a self-organising network instead of being forced into some strict format. Regarding the organisation of the next CS @W conference, the two Antonios Chella and Lieto promised to look into the possibilities to organise it in Italy, the timing of course remaining open at this moment.

All video recordings are available at https://sh-medieteknik.solidtango.com/categories/cs-w-2016 .

The most natural communication channel in the present may be the CS360 network driven by Frank Zenker. If you wish to be on the mailing list, please register at https://conceptualspaces360.wordpress.com/newslist/ .

I will soon return to the presenters about the planned anthology, consisting mainly of elaborated talks of the conference. The deadline for the articles is April 30 2017.

Warmest thanks to all who participated or contributed to the conference!

Best regards,

Mauri Kaipainen
PhD, professor, Media Technology
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