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Saturday, August 27, 2016

2nd Workshop Conceptual Spaces at Work - videos

I seem to be late with this post, two of three days of the conference are already done.

It seems like yesterday I was in Lund trying to find Hobykrok B&B. In the distance cranes were building what I was told was to be a scientific facility - an atom smasher of some sort. That was 2012: now the Max IV [ well it had to be ;-) ] Laboratory (a synchroton) is complete.

You can catch up on video presentations since Thursday at:

Sessions on this the final day will also be streamed live.

All the sessions are interesting but they do vary in relevance for me. Conceptual Spaces provide a technical and mathematical solution to explain Hodges' model; Threshold Concepts can provide another form of possible explanation, developmental, learning and student focussed. In a search for evidence for a resource that combines sciences and humanities, quantitative and qualitative, objective and subjective... this is an essential strategy.

I am not presenting. For a long time I've felt the dearth of data, the need for 'evidence'. Data is bound to follow if can finalise my research proposal, although in volume the data gathering could be a feast or famine.

If I were presenting I might bring a challenge for the CS community.

The jigsaw pieces (forever idealised) are:

  • time
  • decisions
  • intra/interpersonal
  • orientation
  • group-population
  • humanistic
  • sociology
  • mental capacity
  • place
  • context/situation
  • political
  • wise/unwise
  • person
  • mechanistic
  • individual
  • consistency
  • continuity
  • other-assessor
  • sciences
The Conceptual Spaces conference has provided one, possibly two presentations so far that support how I put the above together.

I greatly appreciated the company today being able to share my delight in this exchange of ideas at firsthand and to champion the cause that is h2cm. After a gathering for drinks at Södra Teatern & Mosebacke Etablissement meeting other delegates old and new, I visited the shops and on the way back to my airBnB host looked at several doodles for the above conceptual components. Settling on one and developing it further I also found the following words which seem to complete it...

That which we call the 'person' is the sum of all times, all places and what is experienced and remembered (or forgotten) there. 

The final 'there' is quite abstract of course - which is fitting: being there. I'll work up the diagram for the draft paper (yes, also from 2012..!) once other things are settled.

Four years is a long time, I hope the next CS designated event is much sooner.

I walked 8.9 miles Wednesday and 5.6 Friday - not bad while on a conference.

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