- learn about the conceptual framework Hodges' model. A tool that can help integrate HEALTH and SOCIAL CARE, INFORMATICS and EDUCATION. The model is situated, facilitates person-centredness, integrated - holistic care and reflective practice. A new site using Drupal is an ongoing aim - the creation of a reflective workbench. Email: h2cmng @ yahoo.co.uk Welcome

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Capital letter. Start of Sentence.

Prison, Offenders, Release ... in h2cm

humanistic ----------------------------------------------- mechanistic

Mental Health Assessment - diagnosis?
Learning disability
Ongoing counselling, legacy issues PTSD?
Addiction services
Custody Liaison Mental Health Nurses
Understanding of – my [care] plan,
stress & vulnerability, relapse signature
Literacies, writing, numeracy
Life chances
Key skills:
interviews, exams, assertiveness, strengths ...

Medication: prescribing, compliance,
concordance, safe prescribing
Addiction, Substance misuse

Assurance of physical health, exercise

Location – familiar with the area?
Logistics – transport
Treatment for Offenders

Sentence length

Re-integration into society
Social attitudes
Sex Offenders

Role of family
Relationships (Legacy issues - 'resolve'?)
The social network they may return to
Contact with a  support group*
Having a ‘buddy’ when available

Determinate Sentence (half)

Policy (integration?) and Funding
Offender Assessment System
Rehabilitation of offenders
Employment – work
Opportunities for training - education
Allocation to a GP and other health services
Organisation of State Benefits
Probation services, Charities
Statutory supervision
Mental Health Act
Community assignment

Once we have sufficiently addressed what is identified using Hodges' model, we can can stand together in the center with an improved chance of achieving person-centred care and Recycling Lives?

If you can suggest changes, additions, please get in touch h2cmng AT yahoo.co.uk