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Thursday, February 21, 2019

1st Mental Health Nurses' Day - the View from this Bridge

To celebrate MHND here is a mix of personal observations and opportunities in mental health nursing ...

Theory ----- Practice
Beginner ---- 'Expert' in h2cm ---- Lifelong Learner
Career starter ---- Senior Practitioner ...

humanistic ----------------------------------------------- mechanistic
Not just Making a Difference but
trying to Make a Positive Difference, even in a negative light
Helping people help themselves
 Assure physical health in mental health ---->>
Mentor and Sign-Off Mentor
Don't try to be something you are not
Remember you were a student once
as a lifelong learner you still are and always will be
 Ethical and moral challenges*
Psycho-social orientation
So many opportunities, communities of practice: Experience of cognitive behaviour and family therapy
Nurses can be therapeutic agents - co-workers with patients esp. in relapse prevention

August 1977 'RMN' Winwick Hospital
'SRN' Wigan RAEI
(deemed necessary to achieve a holistic perspective)
Travel: Hodges' model inc.
Jordan, Amman;
Spain Barcelona;
Paipa, Colombia;
Ireland, Dublin;
Northern Ireland, Belfast
Opportunities in Research
AND Researcher's in Practice
Mixed-methods in research?
So much to learn and specialize in

Early computer aided learning projects 1980s-1990s

New website still to follow...!

Team work crucial*

Career co-supported 3 children

Community Mental Health Nursing 1985

Experience and challenge of project work -
primary care mental health

Guest in people's homes
Recognised importance of carer's role

'Community Mental Health' people still needed to help define what this means in the 21st Century.

Every "Thank you" speaks volumes, but differences of opinion speak louder - Respect

Even in situations were there is 'no' hope it is amazing the difference one self can make in reaching out to another, and what each can learn...

MHN is an amazing career...

Progress since 1970s in mental health care
Closure of asylums, unfinished project.
Change through policy, e.g. National Service Frameworks

National Programme for IT 2004-2007
Data Standards quarterly meetings 1997-2007

Future policy, incredible opportunity to influence, effect and witness inevitable change in mental health service provision
(see recent book review)

Frustration and Concerns:  -
TO DO (still) LIST
Public Mental Health - a Cinderella service within a Cinderella service - Parity of Esteem?
Use of information technology in mental health nursing

New starter? Engage with unions and professional bodies to assure standards, quality of care in the profession and public health