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Monday, October 21, 2019

An update papers, Hodges' model, website...

Here is an update on writing projects ...


A few months ago I decided to cancel the web hosting. The same provider and for the second time. Lack of progress is nothing to do with them. Despite best intentions, the account was essentially redundant, apart from one occasion when I was ready to start transfer of a site including Brian Hodges' lecture notes, as part of what would be an archive. I still have the pages - HTML all ready to 'go' - somewhere... The host company were very good, offering to take me through the process. I will git back on the horse. The journey is still very enjoyable, even if frustrating.

Last weekend at the Northwest (England) Drupal User Group - NWDUG Unconference in Manchester, I gave an eleven slide presentation on the ultimate in vapour ware. Even with no site the day was very useful, the community great. At month end I will be following online DrupalCon Amsterdam. Really disappointed not to be there, but the currency situation nails it, on top of my not having earned the trip.

As posted last Tuesday -

Book: "The Empty Space"

- I've been crossing the Pennines and enjoyed visits to see Mr Hodges at his home. It would be marvellous to get to a point were I can 'demonstrate' some progress on the web front. The Drupal community continue to try to improve the migration and update processes. This can certainly help me. A Drupal developer questioned me a while ago if I'm being too loyal. Is Drupal the right tool? I am considering this ...


As to papers I'm determined to try to clear the desks of draft papers. I'm not duty-bound to write, just learning-bound. In May a journal editor invited me to write about Hodges' model. The brief was more specific, write about the model but not in general terms. I was directed to relate the model to at least two public health themes.*

Trying to put a map on the map is challenging.
Everyone wants data, evidence, findings, method ...

Last month I arrived at a final draft and am now advised to answer my own queries and then submit. So sounds positive thus far. I really will diligently check the submission requirements.

The other paper is a bit of a saga, having started before the Part 1 - MRES studies at Lancaster in 2014. The paper overall concerns Hodges' model, threshold concepts and deprivation of liberty safeguarding. It is now in two-parts, feedback on part one has been favourable but still seeking people with time to read and critique- so hopefully on-track with this too.

*Public mental health is always also implied as far as I am concerned.