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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Future - History: Information Systems or Care Records

Brian Warboys Professor of Software Engineering at Manchester University has stated that clinical staff lack the skills to make working information systems should leave it to IT professionals. A consultant physician and cardiologist at Bloomsbury and Islington agreed, the HSJ quote as saying:
"The fault lies not with the IT experts but with ourselves as clinicians. If we do not tell them what we want, how can they come up with the answers? ... There is a case for evaluating every IT solution available now and scrapping some of them". p.8.
Health Service Journal, 101:5259, 4 July, 1991.

'Coroners have warned the NHS on dozens of occasions that its record-keeping is so poor that patient's lives are at risk, an investigation by The Times has found. ...
Coroners have issued 62 warnings since 2013 in which they identified failings in record-keeping that could lead to the deaths of other patients.' ...
 'Simon Eccles, of NHSX, which is responsible for improving digitalisation, said that all of England should be covered by digital records by 2024 so staff could access the information needed to provide patients with the best possible care.'
Greenwood, G. Lost notes and illegible records 'risking lives of NHS patients'. The Times, October 2. 2019. p.16.