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Saturday, October 12, 2019

"Ecoliteracy and the trouble with reading" by Code JM.

Jonathan M. Code (2019) Ecoliteracy and the trouble with reading: ecoliteracy considered in terms of Goethe’s ‘delicate empiricism’ and the potential for reading in the book of nature, Environmental Education Research, DOI: 10.1080/13504622.2018.1558438

"Literacy in the context of health literacy—another type of literacy given distinct status in recent times—is defined as the ability to use information about health in a meaningful way (Velardo 2015)". ...

humanistic ----------------------------------------------- mechanistic
group - population
... "To be health literate is to have access and understanding of the knowledge, motivational factors, and competencies for appraising and applying health information so that decisions and judgements can be made about healthcare, disease prevention and health promotion in everyday life (Sorensen et al. 2012)".

"Perhaps one of the greatest oversights in terms of most ecological, scientific accounts of ecoliteracy is that science has yet to adequately address the mystery of life (a point raised by many authors and succinctly argued by Schumacher (2011)[1977] already several decades ago). This oversight has led to the tendency to approach ‘the book of nature’ in materialistic and mechanistic terms whereas the challenge that emerges through critical considerations raised by Kuhlewind and others is that it is a living book that we—as readers—can potentially participate in if we develop ways of knowing adequate (Schumacher 2011[1977]) to the task".

Wither "The Book of Nature" / "The Book of Science"?

Jonathan gave a presentation at Threshold Concepts Conference in Dundee which I attended. This reminded me of how I have been wanting to re-read Bortoft and related texts, especially Schumacher.