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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Lucian identity i

HUMANISTIC ----------------------------------------------- MECHANISTIC
Lucian Freud, Self Portrait, c.1956 (oil on canvas)


peer (painting)

peer supervision

"... [Lucian Freud's] most precious works are perhaps his unfinished portraits. ... The two painters [Francis Bacon] often used each other as models preferring to depict each other’s psychological states rather than physical. ...

Then there is the unfinished self-portrait from around 1956. (Image #4 in the slideshow) These paintings should be looked at as precious gifts that offer an unprecedented access to Freud’s very personal process. Notice how his loose pencil marks, more like broad guidelines for the final portrait gain volume and become imbued with emotion at the hand of the master. You can see that Freud started each portrait with the most expressive feature of the human face – the eyes, and moved radially outwards from there."
 With my emphasis and image source:
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My source:
Campbell-Johnston, R. The secrets that still lie in the paint-strewn lair of Lucian Freud, The Times, Saturday Review, October 19 2019, pp.4-5.