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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Rosamund Snow Scholarship for Patient-Led Research

HUMANISTIC ----------------------------------------------- MECHANISTIC
(real) Subjective?


Patient / Carer's experience

(real) Qualitative?
Subjective ------ Research ------ Objective

Disciplinary - Professional
 language and jargon


Qualitative ------ Research ------- Quantitative
Snow, PhD

"The Sociology of health and illness"

Patient-Led Research

Co-Production of Research

'What happens when patients know more than their doctor?'

Medical sociology

Unequal power dynamics
of the
clinical consultation

The politics of self-management

Challenges of advocacy



The Rosamund Snow Scholarship for Patient-Led Research
"Rosamund Snow, who died in February 2017, had type 1 diabetes. After completing a Master’s degree in Social Sciences at King’s College London, she went on to study for a PhD in the patient experience of diabetes. She became a respected academic at the University of Oxford, undertaking research and teaching medical students about the importance of the patient perspective. She believed passionately in patients working alongside clinicians to produce research and teaching that is informed by the (often under-valued) expertise in what it is like to live with an illness. She used her own expertise from experience to question and challenge norms of medical practice, always striving to improve patient care. After her death, Rosamund’s family generously donated funding to Green Templeton College at the University of Oxford, to allow others to be trained to continue the work she started." [ Source: #RSSPLR ]

My source: with thanks @trishagreenhalgh