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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Data matters in Malaria prevention

HUMANISTIC -------------------------------------------------- MECHANISTIC
"The number of cases reported
for 2000 has gone up in every
 single World Malaria Report."

Prof. Nicholas White,
University of Oxford

Infections 2000 286m
Infections 2018 228m
"It is impossible to interpret
trends when the methodology
 and systems change." p.4.

Prof. Richard Price,
Menzies School of Health Research,

Burden of malaria on health and [socio-] economic development.

Social Determinants of Health

Sustainable Development Goals

Social Capital

Universal Health Coverage

Health Services

World Malaria Report - WHO

My source:
Jack, A. Doubts cast on data showing progress of malaria prevention, FT Weekend, 7-8 December 2019, p.4.

[If climate change can affect the transmission of vectors and vectorial capacity, it is essential that due diligence and governance is also applied to prevent 'data creep - contagion'. The challenges in data gathering, statistic analysis are complex enough in theory, practice, policy and management. PJ]