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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Stranger in a strange land: 'Adult' CMHT

I've started working in an 'adult' community mental health team. This is a change in character from older adults and in Hodges' model we can draw the discussion on this out in several directions.

The 'adult' - 'older adult' distinction on one hand may seem discriminatory. So, once you are aged 65 you move to another service? On the other hand there are many scholars / professionals who have over many decades fought to have older people's needs recognised, represented and funded as a distinct speciality. There are protocols accepted and practiced that should - must also take into account the patients (carers) wishes allied with needs and circumstances.

The 'character' is also different between adult - older adult, but both carry unique challenges*. This must always be the case if the patients and their situation are viewed as unique.

3.5 days in - I'm already aware of changes in community mental health provision. My previous experience 16-65 goes back to 1995, apart from having some patients during studies in psychosocial intervention in psychosis.

There seems to be more chronicity and I have a sense that suddenly 'nursing' has a welfare and benefits problem solving flavour to it.

The summit I've just posted about is invaluable learning, as I have inherited a caseload of people living with varying forms of diagnosed personality disorder. I'll expand on this experience over the next few weeks. This is timely as I have re-validation next year.

Over many years I have heard of Paris the clinical record system. Now I will be having training and become a 'user'. Looking forward ...

*With challenges also come rewards!