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Monday, December 09, 2019

#FreePeriods - Period Poverty (Schools opt-in January 2020)

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The RED box project

Schools - must opt-in


government funding

BBC Radio 4: 5 December 2019 [ from 20 mins...]
"After a long campaign from #FreePeriods, the Government agreed to fund a scheme to ensure all primary and secondary schools and colleges provided free period products to menstruating pupils. This was meant to start rolling out in September 2019 but has now been pushed back to January 2020. It is an opt-in scheme and so schools and colleges must sign up to receive free sanitary products. Gemma Abbott is a campaigner for FreePeriods and volunteer from the charity The Red Box Project, and Nadia Collier is a family support worker at a primary school in London, who has first-hand experience of how important these free period products can be."

Updated - Additional resource c/o RCN publications:

Promoting Menstrual Wellbeing

Publication Code : 007 856
"Menstruation is both a physiological and psychological milestone in a woman’s life. This publication has been developed to help nurses break down the stigma that can be associated with what is a completely natural process. It is important to use appropriate and flexible communication methods to ensure information on the menstrual cycle is delivered in an accessible format for women. This publication has a supporting promotional flyer (007 857) and both resources are supported by Hologic’s Wear White Again campaign."