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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Drupal Themes - eeny meeny minny mo.....

I've been going through the Drupal themes again, this time with a fresh pair of eyes - having tinkered and read a little. The themes that stand out for the h2cm archive project include:

  • Aurora
  • Brushed Steel
  • Denver
  • Flexible
  • Foundation
  • Itheme
  • Meta
  • Multiflex37
  • Salamander
  • Stylized Beauty
  • supriya
  • Wall
With the admin theme fixed, I've been enabling and making the themes default in turn. Some of them stand out straight away in terms of fitting the content and the styling. Unsurprisingly, others mess up positioning the title and the menus - although I have been messing about and I'm not using the theme engines. The other two requirements I have - page printing and accessibility are also varied. As the names above suggest some are bare bones that you can adapt yourself, including Zen which is were I am up to. I'm going to need to decide soon! In Mercer's book though, he advises taking some time to check through the themes - so....

It shows you Drupal's reach as there are UN templates, yes, that 'UN'. This shows how open source projects often 'give-back' the community as a whole.

There are four of us so far for Wednesday's Drupal night. Hope there's a few more.