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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Two UK conferences 2008

Here are two conferences - flyers with the Health Service Journal:

Patient Safety Congress 2008


Integrating the Primary and Secondary Care Interface

Why bother to single (double!) these out? I've been fascinated for ages by the primary-secondary care interface at the level of mental health and the health of our notions of holistic care. Safety is ever paramount across the b-(B)oard.

It's well recognised that junctions, transitions, information interchange - INTERFACES in short - between people, technology (hard/soft) and organisations are an invitation for things to go awry. They are also an opportunity to learn.

How many axes are there in Hodges' model?

It could be argued there are four.

They meet at the centre of the model.

I believe there are many more.

Although simplistic and static in appearance the axes are dynamic and compound in the imagination. The situations you care to throw at Hodges' model stress the framework and so stress the axes. They partially give way. Stress fractures. Across the interfaces that result meaning can be found if we care to look and listen (with all our senses).

Learning heals people and organisations too.