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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Socio-tech paper and snippet

Close now to completing the paper I think - 30 refs and 7,085 words, eight figures with two to draw.

About five years ago I desperately needed to write to complete a dissertation, but personal circumstances had the better of me. The difference then was walking away with a PG Dip. not an MSc.. There are two positives: 1. walking away with something and 2. I was walking.

Now I'm up and running and finding it much easier to write (really enjoying it) and the ideas are flowing, which as a mental health nurse can be a bit scary at times. Whether these thoughts, this work adds up to much is not for me to judge... Anyway here's a snippet from the draft paper (concerning socio-technical structures in nursing informatics). A student nurse - thanks Brenda - is kindly reading the text through. I'll also post it on to a few other contacts this week - feedback ever crucial (which reminds me I've some reading to do for someone):

As befits the socio-technical and media drenched world we live in, it seems that everyone is busy moving forward. Nursing as a profession must constantly aspire to make a difference and effect positive change. In the decades ahead (nursing) informatics can help leverage positive change in tackling health inequalities, and addressing the ongoing revision of the new health agenda of health promotion and education. To do so though nursing informatics must also recognise its limits; it must seek out or help create new structures through partnerships with other informatics disciplines; community, social care, urban, citizen for example. Although 2x2 matrices are ubiquitous as a structuring device for concepts, ideas and much more, they are also consequentially much maligned: a ready reckoner for gross assumptions. Upon first encounter Hodges’ model may be considered merely as a brainstorming tool. Hodges' model can act as a framework for weaving, a template for a socio-technical tapestry. The framework provides a lattice upon which vital conceptual connections can be displayed explicitly on its public face, or privately when the handicraft is viewed from the back – the infrastructure. ....
I've noticed and highlighted in the paper that h2cm can show two formulations of socio-tech that overlap across Hodges' knowledge domains and highlight the primacy of the 'individual'. I've used Word for two related figures which need to be drawn up - then I can post them here.

Bye for now - PJ

To follow: Drupal and a sore nose plus that boxing post!

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