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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Drupal - CSS and the DOM, NHS & Paxman

I managed to sort the image in the Drupal archive (trial and error - learning!) page. Now to get to grips with CSS, DOM and Drupal themes. Human nature often wins out to the detriment of learning: you pick up just sufficient HTML, a limited amount of javascript to get your website up and running and then your learning stops.

Reading through DOM Scripting there is so much more I can do by correctly and comprehensively using CITE, 'title', 'ID' and 'class'. ... There's a name for it starting from scratch. So, the old content I have copied and pasted thus far needs a lot of tweaking stylistically. I plan on to spend some time on this, but not as long as I feared. Using CSS stylesheets a single change can be reflected across the whole site.

I've also downloaded a Drupal print module and will ask about this next Wednesday night in Manchester.

I just watched Can Gerry Robinson Fix The NHS? One Year On and must dash soon 22:30 BBC2 Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman there's a follow-up to the programme. This should be available online for 24 hours after and VERY 'interesting' too? [Hope they do re-visit this topic].

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