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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hosting sponsor offer for Hodges' model site

I've had some great news (really welcome as I try to sort my pay and future career prospects)! The offer of sponsorship with hosting - 5GB space and bandwidth to boot - c/o and thanks to Chris Ward at Human Ecology Forum and Greenhosting.

Chris and I have exchanged e-mails and blog posts already through the Northern England Human Ecology - CHE - group, which should next meet in March - details tbc.

This is a great incentive for me to push on with Drupal and content revision. It will take some time, but knowing there's a home for h2cm is a flag to aim for. Apart from the part-time flavour of this enterprise another reason not to hold your breathe is that I plan to include learning objectives with all relevant content. So with Drupal I need to check the potential of CONTENT TYPES and MODULES and forms .... without re-inventing any wheels. Exciting, but heady times...

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