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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Socio-technical ticket stubs

Psychologists are a busy bunch. The number of tests, assessment schemes and theories to help explain intrapersonal and socio-political phenomena are legion. All strive to be scientific, constantly refined and evidence based.

It was recognised a long time ago how we humans have a tendency to polarise, dichotomise - left-right, good-bad. ... We have to dice and slice the world in order to make it accessible and understandable. Life and death decisions have always depended upon this ability, which is one of the reasons why we're all here today.

This vital capacity also assures the creation of socio-technical structures. A ticket that provides entry to several problem domains, each with two, three, four, five .... viewpoints. And as safety dictates there are at least two entrances-exits.

The problem is of course that as is customary only half the ticket is actually 'used'. So many stubs end up on the floor. Such a waste.

Make sure you use and retain yours. Happy memories of a project well done!

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