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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sociotechnical paper and a new S-T journal

Well I have 7,100 words for the socio-tech structures paper, need to chase some references, prune the deadwood and complete three figures. Then leave it alone for a few days. While enjoying this morning's coffee at the Barn I had written that some of the vitality seems to have gone out of socio-tech. ...

Big mistake: this afternoon a new quarterly journal was announced for January 2009:

International Journal of Sociotechnology and Knowledge Development

There's another revision then. ... I should have known better, as there is an active British Computer Society S-T specialist group that meets in London and the NE. I'll post more about the journal with a link that is apparently to follow soon.

Not unrelated the Society for Philosophy and Technology also have a journal TECHNE. The Charleston trip is still a highlight of the year (sure do miss the sun):



Ellis Nadler whose hearts image I used in the previous post spotted a typo on the SCIENCES links page (I can't spell 'domain'). Sorted now thanks Ellis! If you find any others please let me know - h2cmuk AT yahoo.co.uk

To follow: the noble art of boxing plus a snip from the paper. This week I must also bury myself in Drupal and sort how to add images.