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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

h2cm: windows on the mind, body, society and State

h2cm is not just a window and handle on the mind and that of patient's and carer's.

Art for Saleh2cm can reflect (as per its original purposes):

  • health and social care policy;
  • the aspirations of local care communities and economies;
  • signs, symptoms - priorities;
  • care plans, actions and care pathways;
  • research objectives;
  • procedures;
  • ethical deliberations;
  • recovery, relapse prevention;
  • information requirements;
  • learning objectives;
  • and outcomes.
  • ...
HOW Hodges' model can achieve this...?

Now that IS the question that can really open the windows, whether you believe in four or five....

Image source: with thanks to - FineArtAmerica.com: and the artist of -
I Marry Your Mind to Lights Window, Stephen Lucas

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