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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ageism: Four year old ideas and big pictures

Models of nursing are still alive and kicking on nurse education curricula. One day ;-) I will do that literature search and look at the numbers and dates of publication. It seems reasonable to assume that there are now fewer newborn and infant examples compared with the 70-90s. While internet time may be compressed there must be strange goings on in nursing academia if some students (apparently) only refer to sources within the past four years. The field is going to be very furrowed with so many wheels being brought to bear on theory and practice and then suddenly cast aside to rust (if mechanistic) or go rotten (if humanistic) or perhaps both (holistic). Wither a space for creativity and innovation that also supports sustainability, continuity, stability, integrity...? Are they mutually exclusive?

If there is an over-four-year-can't-go-there! rule then logic suggests that a newly realised evidence-based method or tool has a limited life span for some students. This constant, iterative, critique of theory and practice IS crucial, but in terms of doing those things that depend on nurses weaving between subject disciplines and other professions where is the big picture? How old are your stories: the ones that really count?

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