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Friday, November 06, 2009

Global reach 4 a model in search of creative, innovative (caring) minds

"An idea is not an innovation until it r e a c h e s people." p.45
the myths of innovation, scott berkun

At Drupalcon Paris in September in his keynote Dries (Buytaert) highlighted the importance of reach in that mix of:


As per the 'badge stack' lower right in a search for traffic a while back I registered with feedmil.com. They offer real-time feed search. I realised I had not replied to them following a request for extra details. Here's what I have sent through for "Words from the Author(s)":
Welcome to the QUAD is an experiment of sorts. What I hope will prove a valuable stepping stone from a static website c.1998-2005 to a new dynamic, database driven resource devoted to Hodges' model and related learning. The blog reflects this - and I hope the creative potential of Hodges' model which is an *open* conceptual framework. This explains the scope and range of the blog across nursing, health, education and informatics. I am planning to use Drupal for the new site and although comments are disabled my e-mail is available so please get in touch. Always open to hear from people using the model, and keen to learn of the features and content types users of a new site might wish to see.
One of the appeals of Feedmil for me and the growing archive of content on W2tQ is their goal to allow users -
to serendipitously discover high quality,
but less popular feeds located in the
long tail of feeds.
I've been using Clustermaps for quite a while and have the visitor's map updated every month, here is the (clickable) map for W2tQ through October 2009.

Visits to Welcome to the QUAD for 1 October - 1 November 2009
1,844 hits for last month,
that's terrific:
thanks to everyone for your support!

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