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Monday, November 23, 2009

Learning Disability & Hodges' model

It is Brian E Hodges who created Hodges' model in the early 1980s and one of his qualifications is RNMH - Registered Nurse for the Mentally Handicapped. Today this course and qualification is known as RNLD, that is - Registered Nurse for Learning Disability. What has not changed is the foresightedness and need for a political care domain within the model.

You might well ask:

What is so foresighted about that?

Well a moments reflection and we can soon appreciate the extent to which the following have changed since the early - mid 1980s, not only in terms of theory, policy and practice, but attitudes also:
  • learning disability - independent living
  • human rights
  • institutionalised care
  • role of medication - side effects, consent
  • mental capacity
  • epilepsy
  • educational opportunity
  • special needs
  • social inclusion
  • nurse training
  • social care
  • outcomes directed care
The foresight that Brian extended in realizing the opposition of intrapersonal - political retains its relevance today. There is still so much to do.

There is much more that the existing and any new website could offer in supporting the care agenda, its delivery and refinement for this group of people and their families. It pains me that to date there is a gap here on W2tQ (a paltry six tags), website and links content. By rights the links pages deserve a specific listing for this client group, either in the intrapersonal or political domains. What do you think? More than this though what future content types might support the care, welfare and well-being of people with a learning disability? If you have any ideas, suggestions, or guidance to offer please get in touch.

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