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Friday, November 13, 2009

Hodges' model: the puzzle of holistic care

Like many day-to-day 'customer' facing businesses, it is very difficult to get health and social care just right (for a kick-off 'just' is not good enough).

Hodges model jigsaw puzzle
If you are faffing about with clothes and belongings when an emergency ensues you have just become an adornment yourself: one that is in the way. In the SCIENCES domain fail to assess mobility and balance and who is going to catch them when they fall? Not you: health and safety! It's a problem for the mental health team is it? Could this gentleman be constipated? Nice place is it? OK, crease your eyes up and tell me where the door is and hand-rail?

Are you ready to crowd surf?

That's good because there is an abundance of outstretched hands ready in the SOCIOLOGICAL domain. If, however, you do not attend to the patient's instructions regards information sharing - even if it was a relative you spoke to - just where are you going to hide?

(Ouch - that's gotta hurt! Sounds like they dropped you.)

Fail to assess mood and motivation comprehensively in the INTERPERSONAL domain and will you be able to say how Mrs Green really feels, behind that Mona Lisa smile? Will you know how to observe her, will you and your colleagues know just what you are looking for?

Did you miss that opportunity with the patient, carer - family in the POLITICAL domain to resolve the (ongoing Sunday afternoon) issue? You know the one about mum's medication, agitation, the appropriateness of the care environment and the outstanding referral to the community mental health team? Well yes, you might wonder what that buzz is. It's a complaint just passing you by(e).

Basic, holistic, integrated, person-centered care and much more. Now that's the real puzzle.
A puzzle worth spending a whole career trying to find the pieces - never mind the solution ....

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