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Thursday, November 12, 2009

16th Int. Reflective Practice Conference UK

Reflection in action: June 23-25th 2010

Date: 23-25 June 2010 (3 day event)

Venue: Bedford campus, Bedford, MK41 9EA, UK.

This cutting edge conference was conceived in 1994 as a forum to enable health care professionals undertaking study at the University of Bedfordshire to share with a wider audience how reflective practice had enabled development of both self and clinical health care practice. Since that event, the conference grew rapidly into an international conference hosted by different organisations world-wide.

In 2010 the conference, for the first time, becomes truly inter-professional spanning the breadth of the University’s portfolio from business to midwifery, from theatre to social work, from psychology to sports science and many places in between. What unites these professions is a common interest in reflective practice as professional practice, education and research. It makes a difference.

We live our lives through stories not theories. Through stories we find meaning and grow. It makes sense then that we teach and learn through stories and in doing so, pay attention to theories that meaningfully inform our lives no matter the nature of our practice.

Reflection in action

Convened by Prof Christopher Johns, University of Bedfordshire, this conference aims to engage individuals from multiple disciplines including health, education, business and creative sectors.

Call for papers

Click here for more information.

How to submit abstracts

Please send your abstracts to reflection@beds.ac.uk


It would be marvellous to co-author a paper for this or a similar conference. Hodges' model is ideal as a reflective resource, being one of its original purposes. Something for me to reflect on currently is World Usability Day.

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