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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Communication Initiative Network and holistic bandwidth

In 2004 I attended a day at a community informatics conference in Brighton, UK (see the side bar for details). My interest in that event stems from recognising the different schools of informatics and the multidisciplinary potential for Hodges' model that extends beyond health and social care. The model provides a cognitive gymnasium for us to test and exercise our holistic bandwidth.

The notion of 'holistic bandwidth' really comes into its own within global development and communication. In 2004, or soon after I discovered The Communication Initiative Network. They kindly posted the Brighton position paper on their site and were very encouraging regards the model. Now they are developing a new Communication Initiative Social Networking Platform - http://groups.comminit.com/

There are many groups including:

  • The Future of ICTs and Development
  • Communication and Climate Change Adaptation
In the above group I learned of the following initiative :
There is an interesting initiative in Africa called AfricaAdapt. It is a network that works to facilitate the flow of climate change adaptation knowledge for sustainable livelihoods between researchers, policy makers, civil society organisations, and communities who are vulnerable to climate variability and change across Africa. There is a whole section on their website that allows for communities to upload their own information on how they are adapting to climate change. The initiative also offers an award for best community project which helps elicit contributions. See http://www.africa-adapt.net/AA/
Africa: never far from the news. Lets hope this next week there is some +ve news from COP15 Copenhagen.
  • Students - Communication for Development
  • HIV/AIDS Strategy: Future Directions
  • Polio Communication Consultation Group
There are diseases lost to the developed nations and with diseases like polio and leprosy communication and education are central to those who are ill and their families. Even as a nurse there is a stark reminder in the need for an International Leprosy Day.
  • Gender, Education, and HIV/AIDS
On the teaching psychology list someone asked this past week about alternatives to structure a student's lifespan assignment. I suggested Hodges' model an approach that can also be adapted to educate people about disease ....

SCIENCES: aetiology, prevention, transmission, hygiene, diagnosis, prognosis, evidence, research, physical resources, drugs, nutrition, age, weight...
INTRAPERSONAL: attitudes, beliefs, education, literacy, personal responsibility, mood...
SOCIOLOGY: social networks, cultural beliefs, gender expectations, community, family, friends, trust...
POLITICAL: policy, leadership, funding, activism, infrastructure: housing heating..., access to services, media, employment, governance...
  • Ethics in Communication for Development
  • Gathering Theories and Models
This group only has 5 members and is of obvious interest to me. I can't recall whether I signed up: must check! Planning and development in this context covers topics and issues I know nothing of and yet I am sure that dressed in its socio-technical guise Hodges' model can contribute to the theoretical development here. It could be that there are other perspectives, models and conceptual frameworks to be found that can inform the global health agenda?
  • DRAFT: Technical Update on Social Change Communication and HIV/AIDS
  • Human Rights and Technology
  • Web Site Directors
So, do visit the Communication Initiative both the new groups above and the general website.

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