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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Activities of Daily Living ADLs and Hodges' model [1]

The Hodges' model matrix below lists some basic Activities of Daily Living. The intention is to read the table as per the numbers. In 1. - the sciences domain - is a list of basic ADLs, this represents my classification of 'where' these ADLs live within Hodges' model. This is followed by a qualification in the intra-interpersonal domain 2.:

2. While basic ADLs are typically designated as 'functional', that is related to physical abilities they are of course also very dependent upon mental health status. Including: mood, motivation, memory, orientation, confusion. Many ADLs are closely associated with disease and illness, which affects people's independence.
1. personal hygiene
dressing - undressing
eating and drinking
toilet: (urinary and faecal)
elimination (often taken for granted)
transfers: e.g. bed to chair and back
degree of mobility
(sitting - standing balance)

4. We can appreciate the impact of the carer's burden by arriving here finally. The sciences, interpersonal and political domains weigh heaviest here, as the carer assumes responsbility for the care of another, themselves and often other dependents.

3. Assessment of ADLs covers aspects of safety and risk to SELF, OTHERS and risk of SELF-NEGLECT.

Increasingly, however the emphasis is on self-care, independent living and strengths in the above ADL skills.

In further blog posts I will present a similar treatment of other ADLs with references.

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