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Monday, December 07, 2009

memo FROM: Classroom health TO: Global health - PSHE education and model standards

Health care and educational professionals learn and adopt the key tools of the trade whilst training. Although for several decades experiential learning has also gained recognition and weight, it is the learning of theory and relation to practice in basic training that shapes the future career. We can describe this as formative professional education. We then hope that this learning and the tools in use are then updated according to research, evidence and best practice. There is much navel gazing at present as to how to measure, nurture, instill and strengthen the character trait of compassion. This applies not only to children, but within nursing.

This issue highlights of course what students bring with them to the lecture theatre, clinical arena and what they take from there to carry them through their professional career. My ideal would be that students have already learned and used Hodges' model as 14-16 year old's, as they negotiate their personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education.

While Hodges' model is a world away from a de jure standard

- that is, defined and enforced by the ISO -
it might just :) become a de facto standard,
because of its widespread adoption in and beyond the classroom.

There is a great opportunity here for Hodges' model in the UK as PSHE education becomes compulsory in 2011. Perhaps you can help in or beyond the UK?

Mooney, H. (2009). Can you measure compassion?, Nursing Times, 21 April 2009.

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