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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

comment: Activities of Daily Living ADLs and Hodges' model [1]

Guy Dewsbury got in touch through LinkedIn in response to the ADL post [1]:

On 12/01/09 6:49 AM, Guy Dewsbury wrote:
Hi Peter
Really like your post on ADLs, but it seems that ADLs whenever they are used omit the need of the person in preference to the risk associated with them. I am sure you would agree, that is why I tend to pay a passing nod to ADLs but instead concentrate on what the person actually wants and aspires to and see how this can be achieved.

I wonder what your take on this is. I would have thought that aspiration and need are critical in mental health as well, in fact I would posit that by concentrating on ADLs it is easier to omit looking beyond them to the real needs of the person.
Over to you..

On 12/01/09, Peter Jones wrote:
Hi Guy
Thanks for your comments and feedback. I quite agree - in a way that's what the blog post is saying. If you look at the basic ADLs they are 'placed' or associated with the sciences - processes - physical tasks. That's why I highlighted some of the psychological aspects in the intra-interpersonal domain.

Running for the bus by Jess and JamesFor example, in future posts I may add the way that there are a lot of people with quite chronic respiratory problems, but they carry on as their behaviour has modified such that they know they can no longer run for the bus. Although an assessment of respiration may reveal their (medical) problem their needs are elsewhere.

Perhaps - if you don't mind - I could post your reply and my note above on the blog as a follow-up - since the comments are disabled.

Cheers Guy appreciate your getting in touch.
Peter J.

Guy Dewsbury has sent you a message.
Date: 12/02/2009
Hi Peter
Happy for you to post anything you want.
Great reply too

Image source: Running for the bus - Jess and James

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