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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dementia BBC TV & Radio

This evening on TV BBC Two 2100 hours UT:

Can Gerry Robinson Fix Dementia Care Homes?

Businessman Sir Gerry Robinson returns in a new series in which he tries to turn around three struggling care homes.

In the next twenty years over a million Britons will have dementia, and sufferers are likely to end up in one of the country's privately run care homes. It's a huge business worth six billion pounds, largely paid for by taxation, yet a great deal of the care is woefully inadequate. Can Gerry, whose father had the disease when he died, change a culture of stagnant lounges, a lack of specialist training among staff, and a focus on keeping people alive rather than helping them to live a happy life?
It is very difficult to keep up with the various 'World Days' there are so many. The BBC's Archers has also dealt with dementia through the character Jack Woolley and the impact of the illness not just on the fictional families concerned, but the small fictional village community. The writers have done an admirable job in raising awareness about dementia. The link below is associated with World Alzheimer's Day, which was 21 September in 2006.


Now over three years later, the past week has brought us to Peggy's final realisation of the extent of Jack's care needs with his arrival at a care home.

This care transition has provided an opportunity for wider debate and discussion:


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