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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Free Introduction to Sociology Textbook (for adoption)

Dear Colleagues,

- and with Merry Christmas to all!

This is a great time of year for changing textbooks and adopting our free Introduction to Sociology Text.

Over the last fifteen years the cost of textbooks has outpaced inflation at a phenomenal rate. USA Today reports that over the past 25 years the average cost of tuition and fees has risen (35%) faster than personal income, consumer prices and even health insurance (Block, 2007).This increases the financial burden on college students who are trying to afford a bachelors degree.

In an effort to combat the exorbitant costs of college textbooks, we wrote a free 20 chapter brief Introduction to Sociology Textbook. It was funded by a one-time grant and is now available to any college student or faculty member anywhere in the world--FREE!

You may access it at this Internet address:
http://freebooks.uvu.edu (copy and paste in URL)

This textbook reflects 20 years of teaching in the field. This book is current, concise, and visually aesthetic. It has an equivalent market value of about $40-$60.00 compared to most brief texts on the market. It also has a brief how to succeed in college section with success strategies built in for students.

No passwords are needed and no costs whatsoever to faculty or students. The book is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution (BY) which means you may use any portion of it as long as you reference the original authors.

We have created a test bank of over 5,300 questions (1,261 Multiple Choice, 2,250 True/False, 1090 Fill in the Blank, 793 Matching) covering each chapter of this text. These are formatted to easily load into blackboard or any other LMS you may be using.

If you chose to adopt it, simply fill out the form (located under the Faculty Tab) and we'll send you the secure testbank.

If you know of a colleague who might be interested please forward this e-mail.

Knowledge must be affordable to all who seek it


Ron Hammond, Ph.D Sociology at UVU
Paul Cheney, Ph.D. Multi Media-Web Design at UVU

Ron J. Hammond, Ph.D.
Assistant Department Chair
Behavioral Science Department
Mail Stop 115 at
Utah Valley University
800 West University Parkway
Orem, Utah 84058
RonH at uvu.edu

My source: TEACHSOC: list teachsoc at googlegroups.com

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