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Monday, February 11, 2008

Eclipse Europa, PHP & Ruby et al.

Photo by Kyle Carmona
As planned last night I installed Eclipse Europa and the Ruby Development Tools [RDT]. RDT was missing at first and as I tried to use the same workspace there were complaints. Once RDT was installed using the 'update manager' my test 'hello world' program ran aok. The Eclipse help system includes a 'hello world' example.

I'm completely bowled over by Eclipse(s)...
As the scope, usability, feature set and potential of Eclipse rolls my way -
I'm cold. Frozen solid just thinking about learning this environment,
but the promise, well that really warms you up.

I'm off work on holiday for the next week, so amongst some jobs and trips I plan to check out the PHP options, how Eclipse can support Drupal.

Tortoise CVS is also in place, so now a right-click in folders and on the desktop reveals two CVS options. CVS is provided within Eclipse too, so I'm sure this is the way to go. It's the NW England Drupal meet next week and I plan on having a CVS aware Drupal 6 up and running before then - if that's possible. It's a must-do of course, if I'm to review Mercer's new Drupal 6 book at the end of the month.

Unfortunately Brian and I are not able to meet this week. It is great to know he is busy and we plan to catch up soon.

Just to mention that the Northern England Human Ecology Group look set to meet again in April on a Saturday, theme Well-being, likely venue Rivington, nr Horwich, Bolton - details tbc....

And finally - fantastic job Atlantis!

Photo source adapted from original: by Kyle Carmona - http://www.eclipsetours.com/lresults.html