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Monday, February 04, 2008

Occupational Health nursing and Hodges' model

In response to Pippa Crouch's enquiry posted here on New Year's Day I eventually sent some Q&A's to her (which I'll post here or through the site soon). Although Hodges' model seemed to fall in place for Pippa, there were some remaining questions about the HUMANISTIC - MECHANISTIC dimensions of the model in the OH context.

Since then (and post-submission/marking*) Pippa has forwarded her completed assignment:


- at 7,000+ words I've some reading to do.

Pippa has obviously explored the website; as her study includes a basic grid for Hodges' model to illustrate a CARE PROBLEMS OUTLINE. This MS Word template is available through the website homepage - resources (which reminds me I must check/update these too!).

*Nice one Pippa!

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