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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Magical thinking and topographic tapestries

I had a job interview yesterday.
The news came through today - I didn't make the grade.

It was close, with some really useful feedback, which I have acted upon.

With 10 applicants I'd already done well: I was 1 of 4 candidates on the day.

Yes, yes, I can see the irony.

For many people(s) four is not a lucky number and there was I thinking - 2/4/8 (so USA).

Driving around the various communities as a community mental health nurse, I wish I could see the totality of the journeys taken over the years? I've looked occasionally down the lanes and roads still untravelled - and wondered:

Is there a referral in the near future,
that will begin a journey that will complete the maze
I'm otherwise bound to follow?

Maybe I'm just very lucky (privileged) to be doing what I do....

Take care on your travels, wherever they take you .... magical thinking