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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

jQuery test page - Pippa's H-M axis question

Pippa's query about the HUMANISTIC & MECHANISTIC axis within Hodges' model, got me thinking not only in terms of her Occupational Health Nursing context, but how can I display the questions and answers in a new way - at least for me?

For web designers this is noddy stuff, but here's an effort using some jQuery, plus a style sheet. The idea is to work through the questions THEN click the question to reveal / hide a response:

Seven Q&As concerning OH Nursing & Hodges' model

Time as ever has not allowed me to consult with OH professionals and their course curricula. Despite this, the pointers appear to have helped Pippa and may inform general readers.

As to the page itself, there is much more to do. Refine the code, test it across browsers and consider some additional touches - possibly rounded corners. In short - learn! How might this sit in Drupal? There is one CSS (javascript?) technique that I really must tackle - a gift for Hodges' model: opacity and layers.

There's a case for me to keep this material to myself, but let's learn together. If you've some pointers for me -> h2cmuk at yahoo.co.uk. I will be checking what Drupal can do from an educational perspective and contrast this with tools like Moodle.

I'm tapping my fingers having thought the book jQuery in Action was published 28 Jan. It's this month. My copy will be on its way 27th. Can't wait.

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