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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CVS aware Drupal 6 - gotcha!

Using TortoiseCVS (I believe) I have just (literally) installed a CVS aware version of Drupal 6 which fittingly has been released today.

Along the way I used a few different resources including a video.

It helps having read in Pro Drupal Development about CVS and how extra CVS folders are created, then to see them on my PC. All the Drupal 6 folders and file icons also have green ticks, except for the CVS folders (I hope that's a good sign!). There are several 'tests' to follow:

  • Need to configure Drupal 6 - get it working!
  • I will need to update using CVS at some point, which should now be more straightforward;
  • The Denver theme will have to go as it is not yet D6 compatible;
  • then - carry over the new files and CSS from Drupal 5 -> 6.
I still have in mind to use Drupal with CVS through Eclipse.

As expected there are some videos on the new features of Drupal 6 - internationalization and localization. I'd better start checking things out closer to home...