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Friday, February 01, 2008

Styling for the LINKS pages (and future....)

I've been reading up on CSS and tables, testing ideas on the links pages. Amongst many web resources that have proved interesting are:



The revised POLITICAL and SCIENCES links pages have been uploaded.

At present the style statements are within the links pages themselves. I need to separate the styles from the content and combine them into an external CSS file. Much more to check and improve - the colour schemes and cell border colours which will make the table headers stand out a bit more (but subtly so). I've started to add 'scope' which I gather is used by non-visual browsers - to indicate 'column'.... There are other attributes to consider. I tried to move the links to the left a little, but the bullets are all over in different browsers.

I managed to get the updated style sheet to work in Drupal, but only with the full HTML filter on. This needs to be addressed as security is a key concern.

The jQuery book should be on its way. Which makes me wonder if in future I could present the subject headings in collapsed form? Then when one is clicked that row would open up.

CSS really is fun. Challenging, but fun.

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