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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Test page - CSS for the old content (and new)

The work to re-style - OK actually 'style' - the existing site content is ongoing...

Here's a test page (that won't be active for too long):

There are two drop capital formats at present, still experimenting. The first gets upset in Netscape (although I gather NS is no longer supported beyond this or next month). There is much still to do -

  • Styles for TABLES
  • Quotes, cite and abbreviations
  • More work on the heading tags
  • Lists - ordered and unordered (I've used an image for a bullet)
    • hierarchy (as here)
  • I'd like to use a typewriter style font for the references.
  • (?Drupal)
    • Paging and navigation of the same
    • Accessibility
    • Printing
I wondered that although Brian's original notes and my original introduction are to be 'archived', whether I could punctuate the text with an 'update box' feature? The user would have a choice whether to omit this when printed or displayed.

The style sheet used above is a bit of a monster, as it includes all the elements for the Drupal theme. Constantly navigating this is helping with the wider aspects of styling to follow.

You may notice on the links pages, e.g.: SCIENCES I've deleted the existing column headings and added the 'th' tag to the main table. So, at present the column headers don't look very pretty. In truth they never have really. They will be much better.

I've been fairly pleased with much of my early HTML work, I can't believe that I never made proper use of the heading and so many other tags. In Dan Cederholm's book the advice is to sort the STRUCTURE first then the STYLING. Pretty sound me thinks - I better get on with both...

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