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Saturday, January 12, 2008

CSS, Case study layout?, jQuery - book

The directory for Hodges' model on my PC is full of erm* - essential files, plus quite a few that never saw service beyond the first writing. A timely find with spring not too far away!

Working on another iteration of the Q&A page, I came across a trial layout from one of my brief and sporadic forays into CSS.

The idea was to feature a case study with accompanying reference to h2cm. I'm glad I left that file sitting there, because now the idea of creating a community of h2cm users would fit in with this. It's a layout that begs for a database to populate it.

There are of course some critical data governance issues to investigate too!

Playing with this old page you realise the universality of context. Database or not, in the interview dialogue I've a health care worker (hcw) and client. Reading Dan Cederholm's Web Standards Solutions I've used label harnessing contextual CSS to highlight (colour) the speakers.

The CSS on the links pages (and in general) is a real mess and worth exploring; then I'll look at the h2cm content within Drupal. I never realised there were so many other tags associated with tables.

If this running around pages past and present seems a little haphazard, well one thing I'm trying to figure out is dividing the main (theme) style master.css and what would be custom.css ...? As I've started to use example pages there are a lot of CSS stuff and jQuery functions I don't need:

$(document).ready(function() {
$("#orderedlist dd:eq(1)").hover(function() {
Book cover source Amazon.
I'm deleting the redundant code and it is working, learning 'bit-by-bit'.

There's no escape though, I'm in the market for another book - jQuery, plus there's another title due next month.

A good time to opt for an electronic copy.

*Some thing's going on here - three times I typed 'rem' - happy productive memories....