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Friday, January 18, 2008

New International SocioTech and Knowledge Development Journal in 2009

Here is news of a new journal for 2009:

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From: Elayne Coakes
Sent: Sunday, 2 December, 2007 3:36:06 PM

I am very pleased to announce that a new quarterly journal from IGI global called "International Journal of Sociotechnology and Knowledge Development” will be launched with its inaugural issue on Jan 09. The OVERALL MISSION of this journal is to provide both a practical and comprehensive forum for exchanging research ideas and down-to-earth practices which bridge the social and technical gap within organisations and society at large. It will encourage interdisciplinary texts that discuss current practices as well as demonstrating how the advances of - and changes within - technology affect the growth of society (and vice versa). The aim of the journal is to bring together the expertise of people who have worked practically in a changing society across the world for people in the field of organisational development and technology studies including information systems development and implementation. The journal will attempt:

  • To support sociotechnical philosophies for organizational change and development;
  • To provide an interdisciplinary outlet for information systems and organisational development papers;
  • To provide an outlet for qualitative and reflective papers.
To accomplish this goal, the journal encourages:
  • The exploration of social and technical artefacts as they apply to change and development;
  • Qualitative analyses of change and technical practices;
  • Interdisciplinary approaches;
  • Articles which tie into, or disagree with, themes from prior issues.
The journal wishes to publish papers that offer a detailed analysis and discussion on sociotechnical philosophy and practices which underpin successful organizational change thus building a more promising future for today’s societies and organisations.

Enquiries can in the first instance be sent to the Editor-In-Chief for consideration. Dr Elayne Coakes: coakese AT westminster.ac.uk